Online and Printable Application Forms

We are in the process of creating a set of application forms that can either be downloaded and completed offline and another that can be complete online. It is going to take a little while to complete this task but we will make available each one as and when it is ready for use. If you have any problems, please just email

Membership is FREE but subject to Terms and Conditions.

Non-Profit (Third Tier) Membership

We are pleased to say that this type of membership is open to all charities and other third-tier organisations that are based within or operating at a physical location within Huntingdonshire. This type will normally include Registered Charities, Local Authorities including town and parish councils and other statutory service providers, Adult Clubs, Groups and Associations and Youth Clubs, Groups and Associations.

If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you can apply for this type of membership just complete the form and we will decide for you

Commercial Membership

This type of membership is open to all companies and commercial organisations, who have a physical presence in Huntingdonshire. The application form is a little more complicated and due to all the potential variation and amount of information needed is at this moment best dealt with by us providing a form which you may download and complete at your leisure.

You can send us the completed form by email.