Application Form

Offline Form

Please click the link bellow to download the application form. You may then complete at your leisure and return to us using the email at the end of the form. You may also print a copy of the form for your records

Download the Membership Application Form


Online Form

If you prefer to file forms online you can send us the information in that manner. Compulsory items are shaded PINK whilst optional items are shaded GREEN. If you start an optional item you will be required to answer all the questions in that section. Just leave the GREEN space BLANK if you have nothing to enter into it.

Organisation Name:





Organisation Status:

Charity, club, group, association, etc.





Address (including Post Code):


If you don't have your own premises this address is normally the Secretary of the organisation, club, group or association and may be different to the address below





Primary Contact Details

These details are the main ones you wish the public to use to make contact with your organisation.


You will be able to add further contact names once you membership has been approved.




Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.


Include STD


Email Address:





About the Organisation







(Maximum of 50 characters)







Mission Statement:


An example: "We are here to take the stress and strain out of your journey so why not book a ticket with us and you can take a train" (Maximum of 250 characters)







You can write quite a lot here to describe your organisation but we suggest you just enter a couple of paragraphs which you can easily add to and/or amend yourself once you membership is approved.





Regular Meetings

Does you organisation hold regular meetings for members?





Meeting Location:








Day of the Week:



: Enter time in 24hr clock therefore 2pm is 14:00







Please explain what the meetings are about. The point of this is to encourage NEW members, if you don't give detail you won't get new people to join you - What do you do, for how long, how many normally turn up, are there refreshments, can new people just turn up or do you wish them to make contact first, do they need to bring anything, is the first meeting free or are all the meetings free, etc.





Media Links

The links entered here MUST be to the organisation and NOT to personal media pages






CUT & PASTE the whole URL including the http://www bit or they will not work!





Website URL:





Facebook URL:





Twitter URL:





YouTube URL:





Own Premises

If you do not have your own premises you can ignore this section





Name of the Premises:


This should usually be the name over the door





Address (including Post Code):





Used by others?:


Answer 'YES' if your premises are used by other groups. This will allow it to be displayed as a Public Event Venue. If you answer 'NO' only you will be allowed to hold events there







Please describe your premises and what it has to offer. Try to answer the questions you would ask if you were hiring the location. How big is it, how many people can it hold, are their toilets, is there a kitchen, what other facilities does it have.





PLEASE NOTE: If you use your free BRONZE membership with us to the full for a period of time we will consider UPGRADING IT to a BRONZE GILT level and this will allow you to include additional details almost equal to our commercial Platinum members





Nearly there!

Who are you? We need some information about you and unless you have entered the same information above it will NOT form part of the publically available information. This information will be used to create logon details to allow you to access and maintain the information provided above.





Applicants Full Name:





Applicants Email:


It is preferable that this is a PRIVATE email as we will be sending your User Name, Password and PIN Code to it. You are required by law to keep this information confidential and not used by other persons. Further more if later you require other persons to have logon access they will all require different email addresses





Applicants Telephone:

Include STD


This will not be publically available. We will use this to contact you if there is a problem or we have questions relating to the application or later if there is an issue with the account