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Location information for the Village of Eaton Socon in the District of Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, England, UK


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In the Parish of

St. Neots 

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Summary history of Eaton Socon

Although situated one and a half miles south-west from St Neots on the Great North Road, Eaton Socon has almost become a suburb due the expansion of the town of St Neots whilst the expansion fo Eaton Socon itself have absorbed the hamlets of Eaton Ford and Little End. There was a motte and bailey castle, the residence of a branch of the family of Beauchamps; also a priory for Augustine friars, founded by Sir Oliver Beauchamp and his son Hugh, the only remaining portion of which is the refractory, now converted into stables. The river Ouse is navigable along the eastern boundary of the parish.