Charles Gordon, the 11th Marquess of Huntly P.C., LL.D., J.P., D.L., C.C.

Charles Gordon, the 11th Marquess of Huntly P.C., LL.D., J.P., D.L., C.C., a Prominent citizen from the History of Huntingdonshire, England.


Charles Gordon


The ancient family of Gordon has been for so many generations part and parcel of the history of Scotland, that one is apt to overlook the connection of that branch of it in which is vested the Marquisate of Huntly with the sister kingdom. The personal tie between the 11th Marquess and the County of Huntingdon is very close, his lordship having been born at his romantic seat of Orton Longueville, on 5th March 1847. He was the eldest son of the 10th Marquess, by his wife, the only daughter of the Rev. P. W. Pegus, and succeeded his father in the title and the family estates in 1863. In 1869, his lordship married Amy, eldest daughter of Sir William Cunliffe-Brooks, Bt. From 1870 to 1873 Lord Huntly was one of Queen Victoria’s Lords-in-Waiting, under Mr Gladstone’s first administration, and in 1881, he became Captain of the Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at –Arms.

He thrice filled with dignity and general acceptance, the post of Lord Rector of the University of Aberdeen, in 1890, 1893, and 1896. He is deeply interested in the intellectual life of the Highlands and Scotland generally, and holds the degree of LL.D. from his University.

Lord Huntly takes an active part in local government on his English estates, and has been for some years a member of the Huntingdonshire County Council, where his wide knowledge of business and of agriculture, and his kindly courtesy are much appreciated.

Lord Huntly, who is the premier Marquess of the Kingdom of Scotland, sits in the House of Lords as Baron Meldrum, a title conferred in 1815. He resides at Aboyne Castle in Aberdeenshire, and his heir is his brother, Lord Granville A. Gordon. Among the many historic titles held by Lord Huntly are those of Lord of Gordon, dating from the earliest years of the XV Century, earl of Enzie and Lord of Badenoch from 1599, Viscount of Meldrum and Baron Aboyne from 1627, and Earl of Aboyne from 1660. His lordship is a Privy Councillor, a Deputy Lieutenant for Aberdeenshire, and a Justice of the Peace.

The family of Gordon has ever been famed for its loyalty and public spirit, and has shed its blood in deference of the national liberties. The third Earl commanded at Flodden – the fourth Earl fell at Corrichie, the fifth Earl was Chancellor of Scotland, and the sixth Earl, who became the first Marquess, was head of the Scottish Catholics under Queen Mary.

The second Marquess was beheaded for his loyalty to the Royal Martyr, while the fourth Marquess (and first Duke of Gordon), was a distinguished general under Turcame, and his son and successor, the second Marquess, was a zealous adherent of James III and VIII, known as the Old Pretender. Even if the days of romance are past, Lord Huntly maintains the same spirit of devotion to the public weal which animated his ancestors in the good old times.

George Gaskell - circa 1900