Robert James Lindsell, Esq., J.P., C.C.

Robert James Lindsell, Esq., J.P., C.C., a Prominent citizen from the History of Huntingdonshire, England.


Robert James Lindsell

Robert James Lindsell

Robert James Lindsell


The Lindsells of Fairfield have for many generations past have been reckoned among the leading County families of Bedfordshire. Their surname is a territorial one, being taken from the Essex village of Lindsell, where, since the sixteenth century downwards the family may be traced on the Parish Registers and Subsidy Rolls. That distinguished prelate, Dr Augustine Lindsell, Bishop of Peterborough and Hereford in the 17th century the head of the family settled in St Ives, Hunts, made a large fortune as a merchant, and was one of the leading Burgesses of his day.

The fourth son of this gentleman was Robert Lindsell, Esq., of Fairfield and Holme, Bedfordshire, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, who married Frances, daughter and co-heiress of William Hogge, Esq., an eminent banker. Their eldest son, Lieut.-Col. Robert Henry Lindsell, was the father of the subject of our present sketch. He was a distinguished officer in her Majesty’s Army, having been for many years connected with the Gloucestershire Regiment. He was J.P. and D.L. for Bedfordshire, and in 1864 High Sheriff. He married his cousin, Emma Elizabeth, only daughter of the Rev. Martin Hogge, Rector of Southacre, Norfolk. He died 15th July 1891.

Mr Robert James Lindsell, of Fairfield-Bury, St Ives, is the fourth son of this marriage, and was born 22nd September 1857, at Fairfield. He was educated at Rugby, and on leaving school received a commission in the 3rd Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment, from which he has now retired.

Mr Lindsell married, in 1888, Gertrude Evelyn, daughter of the late Abel Mellor, Esq., Madras Civil Service, of Cardington, Beds.

He is a staunch Conservative and has done very much for the party in the local constituencies. Mr Lindsell takes a keen and active interest in public work of all kinds. He is a regular attendant at the County Bench, and discharges his magisterial duties with strict impartiality and kindly consideration. As County Councillor for the Hemingford division, he is emphatically the right man in the right place. His business abilities, his intimate knowledge of agriculture and country life, his close local connection and his personal popularity make him an ideal representative of the important interests entrusted to his care.

His residence, Fairfield-Bury, in the vicinity of St Ives, is a charming mansion replete with every modern convenience.

George Gaskell - circa 1900