Thomas Bowyer, Esq.

Thomas Bowyer, Esq., a Prominent citizen from the History of Huntingdonshire, England.


Thomas Bowyer

Thomas Bowyer

Thomas Bowyer


Among the most popular of the younger public men of Huntingdonshire Mr Bowyer, of Buckden, deserves especial mention. He has served his county for many years, being a native of the old-world village in which he has made his home.

He was educated at an excellent private school known as St George’s School, Brampton, and received a thorough classical and commercial training. Since leaving school Mr Bowyer has devoted himself to the ordinary pursuits of a country gentleman of adequate means. He is a keen agriculturist, and always ready to foster any movement for the benefit of the greatest of our national industries. Withal, he is necessarily a good sportsman, and enjoys nothing better than a run with the hounds when the scent lays well and Reynard gives himself up to making the pace. Mr Bowyer is an excellent shot and a capital raconteur of many thrilling incident of sport.

His wife, formerly Miss Laura Temple Ramply, shares her husband’s tastes and avocations, and assists him, as a charming hostess, in entertaining their many friends.

In public affairs Mr Bowyer takes the keenest interest. He is a convinced Tariff Reformer and an active member of the local Unionist party. As a thorough business man he is a decided acquisition to the local Board of Guardians. With a keen eye to the ratepayers’ interests, he is at the same time a kindly guardian towards those whom misfortune has led to seek public relief, and does his utmost to lighten their loads.

A man of great taste and fine culture, he is naturally much at home in his position of Church Warden of Southoe Church. A devoted Churchman, he is always ready to speak of the close association between his house and the ancient Bishops of Lincoln. Here for many centuries they possessed a palace and park, in the days when they ruled over the Church from Thames to Humber. Four of those eminent prelates rest within the fine old church, including the saintly Dr Sanderson, who had so much to do with the last revision of the Book of Common Prayer. Needless to say, this historic structure will lose nothing of its dignity under the care of so able and popular a custodian.

George Gaskell - circa 1900