His Grace the 9th Duke of Manchester

His Grace the 9th Duke of Manchester, William Angus Drogo, a Prominent citizen from the History of Huntingdonshire, England.


William Angus Drogo Montagu


For more than two centuries the noble House of Montague has held the title of Duke of Manchester, and has served the State with unvarying fidelity and honour. Eight dukes have preceded the present holder of the title, and for at least a century earlier their ancestors have been members of the Upper House (The House of Lords).

Sir Henry Montagu, a distinguished ornament of the Bench and Lord Chief Justice, was created, in 1620, by James I, Baron Montagu of Kimbolton and Viscount Mandeville. In 1626 he was advanced to the dignity of Earl of Manchester by Charles I; he died in 1642. His son and successor distinguished himself during the troublous period that ensued by his able support of the ‘Parliament arson cause, in conjunction with his relatives, the Earls of Warwick and Holland. He however went into retirement till the Restoration, when he was selected by the House of Lords to pronounce Oration on the arrival of King Charles II. His lordship enjoyed the somewhat unusual privilege of leading five brides in succession to the alter. It was his grandson who, by his support of the cause of William, Prince of Orange, materially assisted in the expulsion of the House of Stuart, and it was, therefore, only fitting that the first Dukedom conferred by the House of Hanover should fall to his lot in the year 1719. Space does not permit a detailed account of the fortunes of this noble family, but we may be permitted to mention that popular nobleman, William Drogo, 7th Duke, who died in 1890, and whose widow married the late Duke of Devonshire. The 8th Duke, his eldest son, was Victor George Drogo, born in 1853, a Captain in the Royal Irish Fusiliers and M.P. for Huntingdon, who married, in 1876, Consuelo, daughter of Don Antonio Yznaga de Valle, of Ravenswood, U.S.A., and of Cuba. The late Duchess of Manchester was for long one of the acknowledged leaders of London Society. His Grace died in 1892, having held the title barely two years, his Duchess surviving him for eighteen years.

William Angus Drogo Montagu, the present Duke, was born in London in 1877, and was educated at Eton and Trinity College Cambridge. His Grace is a keen sportsman and devoted to an out-door life. Hi is a practical agriculturist, and exceedingly popular with the tenantry on the 70,000 acres which he inherited in Huntingdonshire and the North and West of Ireland.

Kimbolton Castle, his ancestral home, is a noble building of great historic interest, inseparably connected with the memory of the ill-fated Queen Katherine of Aragon. Its art treasures are of priceless value, and include paintings by Holbein, Rubens, Vandyke, Titian, Lely, Reynolds and Lawrence. His Grace possesses, in addition to Kimbolton, a town mansion, 5 Grosvenor Square W., Tanderagee Castle, co. Armagh and Kylemore Castle, Connemara.

George Gaskell - circa 1900