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News item from Jevstar Dot Com

Nearly Done..

I'm about two thirds the way through checking all the links to external websites and updating the pages of all 55 of our Huntingdonshire websites. I'm hoping to get it all done before the Christmas holidays too but I'm going to get interrupted with some more Christmas shopping soon as it seems there's some good deals about. Good luck with your shopping.

News Date: 04/12/2018 13:45

News item from Jevstar Dot Com

Updating Links

Busy at the moment 'link checking'. That is going through thousands of links to external websites and updating them. It's amazing how many businesses and organisations constantly change their web address with out redirecting them properly. The loss of business must be truly astonishing. If you're contemplating a new web address talk to your provider to get the old address redirected properly and automatically.

News Date: 20/11/2018 13:10