Text Box: Don’t worry if you don’t understand any of this because all you really need to know it that we’re doing it for you, so here goes...
Over the past few weeks we have made significant alterations to all of the websites in order to improve their access by mobile phones and touch screen tablets, which are used for nearly 50% of all visits to the websites and according to Google that figure will continue to rise over 2014. All of the websites are now HTML5 which is compatible with these contemporary devices and we have started to use the HTML5 functionality to its maximum. We have added structured ‘Microdata’ tags to the web pages, especially the Event Diary and News Items which allows for the extraction of data directly into the major search engines. As a member you benefit from the quarter of a million users we get each year but you can now benefit even more by adding your events in good time and a regular news item to your listing. This will keep you prominent, on the home page and in Google!
We continue to develop the Event Diary having recently added ‘ticket pricing’ to the system to allow for the export of ticket information to other systems and in a similar way we are working on the Regular Meeting and Activity section. We have added the facility for all members with their own premises to add a YouTube video code to their location pages some of which are up and running and we are working on allowing other organisations to add YouTube video to their organisation page but more about that in the next news letter. 
Bye for now - Webmaster.
Text Box: For this issue I want to help you get up to date and what’s great is that I will do it for you.  If you have any of the following send me a short note to webmaster@jevstar.co.uk telling me what you have and I will update your membership listing to include it.
Got one of these:
A YouTube video about your organisation
An organisation or commercial Facebook Account 
An organisation or commercial Twitter Account
If you don’t have any of them not to worry I shall be explaining how you can get all of them over the coming months and why you really need them too

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Text Box: Let me help you get up to date...
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