Text Box: What a fantastic summer we’ve been having, at least up to the heavy showers in the middle of August. There have been some great events around the district but it’s time to think about what’s next on the calendar.
Have you put an event in the diary this year? No! Don’t you need to tell our QUARTER OF A MILLION USERS what you have to offer?
You don’t have any events! - You probably do…
Are you getting in some new stock?, Got a Hot Product flying off the shelves?, Do you have an end of season SALE coming up?, Do you have some BACK TO SCHOOL products? These all count as events and can be put in the event diary.
Text Box: Even the Pope uses Twitter and H.M. The Queen so if you are not Tweeting about your business or organisation at least once a day you are seriously missing out. But, what, you have no followers. No problem, we have just started our account and we have 100 and what’s great we’ll share them with you.
Whenever you Tweet about your business or organisation add @HuntsWeb into the line. That will have the effect of sending us a copy and when we get it we’ll re-tweet it to all of our followers.
If you tweet about an event then also add #HuntsEvent and the @HuntsWeb  and that will help people find your event when they search for events in Huntingdonshire (Twitter knows that Hunts is short for Huntingdonshire)
You have probably noticed our tweets are also displayed on the Home Pages of Text Box: Making your membership work for you
Text Box: Spreading the word—TWEET, TWEET, TWEET!
Text Box: BUT, there’s always a but...
Text Box: People don’t use the Internet like a newspaper, they don’t read it every day. Most of our visitors come in to see what’s on once or twice a month. So if you want anyone to know about your event you have to put it on the web a couple of months ahead of time. So now you should be thinking about HALLOWEEN, BONFIRE NIGHT AND even CHRISTMAS. 
Text Box: “You need to blow your own Trumpet because no one else will

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Text Box: The Twitter Logo
https://gallery.mailchimp.com/37d2b86d2f6157633a2fba2c1/images/a2a3387f-31bb-46bb-839e-ba32500dca1d.jpgText Box: An example Tweet:
“Great offers available at the END OF SEASON SALE at Bloggs & Co in Huntingdon starts on Saturday 20th September at 0900”
A MUCH better Tweet:
“Great #offers available at the END OF SEASON #SALE at #Bloggs & Co in #Huntingdon starts on Saturday 20th September at 0900. #HuntsEvent @HuntsWeb”