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Text Box: Someone, possibly Frederick R. Barnard, once said “A picture is worth a thousand words”. He must have known where the Internet was going. Look at the image on the right, courtesy of Janet Church Interiors, it’s “Cute and Cuddly” and attracts attention. Then watch someone doing a search on Facebook, Twitter or on a website. They are not reading the words they are looking at the images and when they find what attracts them, then, and only then, do they go and read about it.
Text Box: The Twitter people know how important images are, they have a special little button to allow you to easily add them to the limited characters of your Tweet.
We got this from the web this morning:
“Tweets with images uploaded to were nearly twice as likely to be retweeted while the use of Twitpic increased the odds by just over 60%.”

Doubling your chances of doing business is a GREAT leap forward no matter which way you look at it.
I have a folder on my computer where I have collected a small set of standard images and pictures like the ones below which I can use with my Tweets so that few Tweets go out without some form of image if I don’t have a specific one. If push comes to shove just use your logo or a scan of your business card.
Text Box: The importance of Images
Text Box: Use of images on Twitter
Text Box: If you really do need to have an image taken down then all you need to do is open it up and take a note of the IMAGE NUMBER and then email me, the webmaster, at with the URL and image number and I will take it down for you after I have checked and removed any other links to it that exist on our websites
Text Box: Why can’t I delete an image in my account?
Well there are some important reasons why we try to discourage you from doing that and there are LOADS of reasons why you should be adding more rather than less and not just on the Huntingdonshire websites either. Read on...
Text Box: But if you REALLY do need to have an image removed...
Text Box: But that is not all. When you publish an image on the Internet it appears in a myriad of other places; like Pinterest (which is really growing fast) and other Image collections. The image may also be linked from other peoples personal blogs and emails and of course it will appears in all the search engine’s image sections.
If you keep deleting images or keep replacing them you loose all these valuable links.
If you have something new don’t delete the old images add new ones to move the focus
Don’t delete old things, simply add new ones!
Text Box: The Twitter Logo Door Stops, on sale at Janet Church Interiors in St Ives, Cambridgeshire