Text Box: Don’t worry if you don’t understand any of this because all you really need to know it that we’re doing it for you, so here goes...
This has been a really busy period so I will just summarise a few of the things we have been doing:
Social Media
We have introduced the facility for you to add links to your blog or LinkedIn accounts if you have them and to add up to two YouTube videos about your organisation. You may also add a YouTube video about each and every location you have on your account too.
Domain Names
Users of our parish websites will have, hopefully, noticed that all the website domain names have changed. The old names will still work well into next year but now redirect users to the new domain. If you have any old links now is the time to renew them please.
All the sites now have domain names that look like this http://www.alconbury-weston.cambs.info or http://www.holme.cambs.info, they all end in “cambs.info”. This is not only easier to use but enables us next year to include them all into a secure HTTPS environment.
It also gives the game away a little bit that we intend to expand into the other districts of Cambridgeshire.
Filling in the gaps
We already have websites covering most of the larger parishes of Huntingdonshire but there are a few ‘holes’ in our coverage so before we expand into Fenland, Cambridge and Peterborough we are filling in these gaps.
We have recently added new sites at http://www.great-staughton.cambs.info and http://www.great-paxton.cambs.info to allow us to promote the activities of members in these locations. We have a couple more to do before we get started with the City of Peterborough early in the New Year.
Anyway more about all of that in a little while
Bye for now - Webmaster.
Text Box: Christmas is coming and you are probably running out of time so if you are really busy let me know and I will do it for you. 

If you have any of the following over the Christmas and New Year period send me an email at webmaster@jevstar.co.uk telling me the details 
Late night Christmas Opening Hours
Christmas or New Year Sales OR Special Deals
Christmas or new Year Parties or Shows (Public ones!)

If you are in any doubt as to whether or not we can include whatever it is you are planning to do just communicate it with me and we’ll try to work something out
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